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A large part of who I am is a mosaic of the horror films I grew up on. At a young age I had an appreciation for the macabre. I find myself most inspired by what scares me- maybe on a more literal level than most. I also see it as both the most misogynistic and the most feminist genre there is & it has always felt like a calling to insert myself into its narrative. I identify with the 'Final Girls' who are scared shitless, but persevere in spite of the fear. I've been a part of several horror films and I feel it breeds the most creative, innovative environment. There's nothing more magical than watching jump scares and gory moments come together from creation to final product. The beauty of what a low-budget, skeleton crew can create is extraordinary and I believe modern horror is missing some of that. 

With that, I've created Burn to Shine Productions because I believe in a modern horror renaissance. I want a return to the classic teen slasher with practical effects and simplistic tricks. I want the 'Scream Queen' to be a reigning title again. But I also believe in change. I want to see more women and people of color in roles that aren't typical of the genre.  

I also don't want to cut Burn to Shine off to just 'horror', it's more than that. I want niche, deep stories that leave audiences thinking without the distractions and spectacle that a Hollywood budget tends to bring. I started this company solely with a cast and crew of college students and a $100 Walmart pickup order from my mom and I hope to continue the energy of poor artists just trying to tell stories into whatever Burn to Shine becomes. And I hope you can trust me with that story.

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On August 11th, 2023 the Burn to Shine team hosted their most ambitious event to date. We premiered our horror comedy short film, Swipe Right. This was a project we began pre-production on last fall, and it was thrilling to get to share it with some of our fans and supporters. 'Swipe Right' won't be available to the public as we are currently submitting it to various film festivals all over the world., but be sure to check in on our social media pages to stay up to date on where you may be able to see the film in a city near you and all things Burn to Shine! You can also donate to our campaign through the links below to help us enter Swipe Right into more festivals.

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